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At  Work Law, we put integrity and professionality right up there with our knowledge of employment law. We want you to be proud of your representative and have faith that they have what it takes to see you through one of the most stressful situations you will have to face in your career.

Reviews are critical. Humans often depend on the opinions of others to make choices. Who you choose to represent you in your employment law issue may impact on your reputation and career, so it is a decision you should take seriously. Reading reviews is helpful. There are many employment law practitioners to choose from, and not all have the same level of experience or a reputation for ethical and professional behaviour.  The experience, conduct and professionalism of your representative could either help or hinder the success of your case. Choose wisely.


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We are excited to share the reviews we have received on Google, Trustpilot, and other platforms, as we are passionate about gathering feedback to inspire others to choose Worklaw Ltd. for their Employment Law concerns.

Explore the genuine experiences of our clients below, while keeping in mind that specific case details cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality. Perhaps you will come across someone who is currently navigating a similar situation to yours.

How easy was that

No Win No Fee Employment Law was so helpful when I was put off from my work place while still on a medical certificate. Rang No Win No Fee Employment Law to represent me which they did. Couple of weeks later money was in my bank account. All correspondence over the phone and email. How easy was that. I would use them again with no hesitation.

Thank you No Win No Fee Employment Law

Kristina Houston

“Kam Bailey from Work Law Ltd worked with me on an employment issue that I had recently. Right from the first phone call she gave me her undivided attention, listened intently to all I had to say then very clearly and professionally presented me with easy-to-understand options and steps forward. I felt heard, understood, supported, and very hopeful for a resolution going forward. At a very stressful and vulnerable time, this was the most important thing of all, making a huge difference to my life circumstances at the time.

Throughout my case Kam remained highly professional and organised, paying attention to every important detail, all while maintaining a constant personable, happy, warm, and friendly manner. She is a very, very skilled lawyer, she knows her stuff, and even under pressure she maintains a high level of professionality and clarity and provides clear instruction and guidance. I highly recommend her to anyone needing an employment lawyer. I doubt there is anyone out there that matches the package this wonderful human being brings to the table.”

Maureen H.

“Work Law’s outstanding dedication to vulnerable employees embodies a caring, people-centred approach. The No-win, No-pay structure removes the financial burden associated with legal representatives.

I’ve called upon Work Law on two occasions, with Jenifer as my representative. Jenifer graciously took my precarious employment situation under her wing. Her clarity, insight, and assurance contained my anxieties, and she swiftly formulated an exit plan.

While the plan unfolded in an unexpected direction, her unrelenting battling facilitated an autonomous and dignified exit.

Thank you, Jenifer.”



“Sandy, I cannot recommend you highly enough from my first call right thru the settlement I never felt alone. You took all the stress out of my situation and your constant guidance and wisdom made me feel safe and protected.

Thank you for all that you did for me. You have exceeded my expectations for a lawyer and now I can start a new life! You genuinely cared about my situation and my well-being and did everything so fast and professionally. You are extraordinary! Please don’t ever think about retiring 🙂 There are so many people out there needing your help and the kind of service that you provide. I thank you with all my heart and my family! May you and your next generations be highly favoured. Super duper grateful.”



“Marvellous May went in to bat for me and, she hit a home run. She was thorough and dedicated to my case, she ensured that she fully understood all aspects of my employment issue so she could get a positive outcome.

May was calm, professional and always polite, if everyone could take a leaf out of her book, the world would be a kinder and better place. If anyone gives you a recommendation, take it. Because May will listen and make sure they get you across the finish line in one piece!”


“I had Andrea for a very involved and stressful case against someone very difficult to deal with. She did her very best to understand all the details and stayed up to date with the entire situation keeping me well informed. With Andrea’s representation, I was completely cared for, and all my problems were brought up in a very accurate manner.

There was a lot of hard work put into my case. In the end, we were able to come to a settlement, thanks to the great advice I received and that made me feel that I had walked away with a big win after almost an entire year of stress and emotional turmoil. I appreciate what Andrea and Work Law did for me, they are the reason I can breathe easy again. I would highly recommend anyone to use their services!”



“When I first talked to Sheryl at Work Law I was very confused and anxious about my employment issues. Sheryl immediately gave me a good feeling with her knowledge of the system and her no-nonsense approach.
Sheryl successfully steered me through the process and got a good outcome at the end of it.
While I hope I am never in the situation to need her services again if I was Sheryl would be the first person I’d call.”



I highly recommend Kam, for her exceptional service. She delivered results that exceeded expectations, demonstrated remarkable professionalism, and maintained communication throughout our engagement. Her guidance was invaluable in keeping me informed and ensuring I made the best decisions. The outcome of my case speaks volumes about her expertise and dedication to her clients.


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