The Work Law Team

With our many years of combined experience in employment law, you can trust the Work Law team to solve your workplace issues in a fair and equitable manner.

The Work Law team of employment law advocates have a very high success rate in negotiating settlements with employers. A mutually acceptable agreement is usually preferred by both employees and employers. Such a solution cannot be achieved without a sensible dialogue with employers, and we have years of expertise in engaging with employers to resolve conflict. Where an agreement has not been reached, we have a high success track record of winning cases at the employment relations authority.

Kam Bailey - Work Law - Senior Employment Law Advocate

Senior Employment Law Advocate

Kam helps individuals and companies find effective solutions to their legal disputes. There are a number of possible outcomes for these cases, so Kam’s focus is to analyse the facts in the case and develop a strategy.

Jenifer Silva - Work Law - Employment Law Advocate (1)

Senior Employment Law Advocate

Jenifer puts her law degree to good use helping people deal with complex employment situations and pursuing their rights. She has adopted a supportive and assertive approach and will guide you through the legal process.

Sandy Ward - Work Law - Employment Law Advocate

Senior Employment Law Advocate

Sandy aims to achieve the fairest outcome for both parties while minimising the impact of an employment dispute on your business or career. She provides practical solutions and hands-on support to defend your employment rights.

May Moncur - Work Law Ltd - Employment Law Advocate

May Moncur
Senior Employment Law Advocate

May has substantial employment law experience and has appeared many times in the Employment Relations Authority and Employment Court.  May represents employers or employees. She also speaks Chinese and can assist a wide range of migrant clients.  May provides clear and strategic advice.

Andrea Kelleher - Work Law - Employment Law Advocate

Andrea Kelleher
Senior Employment Law Advocate

Andrea puts her client’s needs in terms of health and well-being at the heart of the claim. Where possible, she works to secure early resolution, but she also has a successful track record at the Employment Relations Authority. Andrea ensures that her clients feel supported and informed throughout the process.

May Moncur - Work Law Ltd - Employment Law Advocate

Sheryl Richards
Senior Employment Law Advocate

Sheryl has an extensive background in aspects of employment law, including performance issues, misconduct, redundancy, and unfair dismissal. Sheryl is adept at dealing with negotiations for employees. She has a high degree of success in resolving disputes without recourse to the employment tribunal.

Vanessa Goodman Employment Law Advocate

Vanessa Goodman
Employment Law Advocate

Vanessa’s employment law experience includes investigations; mediation; Employment Relations Authority hearings; drafting statements of problems and briefs of evidence; Vanessa has also assisted in the Employment Court.

Kate Hellen - Work Law Director

Kate Hellen
Operations Director

Kate has an extensive business background and is passionate about providing a supportive and professional environment that enables the Work Law team to bring the highest level of service to our clients.

Kate also manages invoicing and accounts.

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